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Dr. Charles Virden believes that prospective patients need information to choose the right person for their plastic surgery needs. Northern Nevada residents doing research to find the best plastic surgeon for their cosmetic and reconstructive needs rely on patient reviews to gain perspective and insight. We are thankful for each one of our testimonials and are happy to publish them here, in one place, for our visitors to reviews. Dr. Virden knows that each Reno area patient is one-of-a-kind and deserves a personalized patient experience. Please feel free to browse a few testimonials from some of our happy patients at our office serving Reno and the Tahoe areas.

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Review from S.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  May 21, 2014

Active at 57, and Want to Stay That Way - Northern Nevada - The first visit, my consultation, I waited a long time. But they made up for it after that. Dr. Virden is very personable, yet professional, he puts you at ease and he instills confidence. I have a good friend who had Dr. Virden do a mini-face lift around the same time as my BR, and she looks fantastic. You can't tell AT ALL. I'm not doing that but I am going to his Renovation medical spa for a Trilogy to treat my sun-damaged face. It's BBL, micro-dermabrasion, and fractional resurfacing. That's a big deal to me, but I'm hoping to undo some of the damage and prevent more basal cell growth. In short, I like Dr. Virden, and his staff and would certainly recommend them. - - I've always been big busted, just found ways to manage it through exercise and dressing carefully. I'm 57, 5'7" tall and my weight has been between 135 (divorce stress in my 30's) and 160 (now), without ever going below a C-cup. I was my smallest after I breast-fed my two kids and now, 30 years later, my fibrocystic breasts are still growing and I am overflowing my 36DDD cups. I am gaining weight -- but it's all on top. I can't find clothes that fit, and shopping brings me close to tears.I never considered breast reduction; I just thought it was something you can't change and have to deal with, like being left-handed. I used to joke: "Thank goodness for breast implants! Now I don't get so much attention, because everyone has big boobs!"I also thought I was just in the upper range of normal size. Then my husband and I went to live in Abu Dhabi in 2011, and I began spending time with a lot of other women, swimming, golfing, shopping ... and I realized that virtually everyone was smaller, and better proportioned, than I am. I managed to find a bikini because I could buy a separate medium bottom and a top size 16E underwire cup! Then, I began to really look at the photos of myself on our travels and, unless I was very careful about my pose, I looked like I had two huge balloons hanging in front of my chest. Yikes!!So we are back in the US and I've decided to do it, and have been to two doctors in my area and have an appointment with another one next week, and another in July. One of the doctors has already sent into Cigna for approval, one doctor doesn't accept Cigna. Since I haven't complained of backaches enough, had rashes, taken pain medication, or been to a chiropractor, I will probably be denied. Either way, I will do this even if I have to self-pay.Everyone I talk to is very supportive and positive about this, except ... my husband. He doesn't like it. Not because he's such a "boob man," but because -- I thought -- he was just generally squeamish about surgery and seeing the scars before they are healed and fading. So I was thinking that maybe I should do it while he was away on travel. Finally, he told me that he's see three other women have breast reductions, and all of them were disasters. He wouldn't give me many details, and they were all over 20 years ago (we've been married 15 years) but I think he is worried, and it was a mistake to just try to do this on my own, without him (I'm kind of independent, to understate it.) Plus, once I decide on something, I always want to get right on with it, and he is more slow and deliberate. So my confidence is a little shaken, but I realize that there isn't any big hurry. I just want to get this done this year. I'm getting older, and more have more aches and pains each day. But I am using the time to try and get my core into really good shape, rowing, spinning, and taking Pilates classes on the reformer. Proving to myself that I will benefit from this, I will look great, and feel even better. I have never spent a night in a hospital, so I'm glad that this is outpatient. But still, I am a bit of a baby when it comes to the stitches. It seems like a lot of cutting and stitching. I never thought of myself as doing anything like this. I've never been ashamed of my breasts ; I always thought they were beautiful, even though they were too big. I think my husband is worried that I'll regret it. Maybe I'm a little worried about that, too. But I remember my grandmother groaning and showing me her shoulder welts -- just like I have now. The only difference is, she wasn't fit, and I am, and I want to stay that way. I don't think I can stay this active if I don't get some of this load off of my front - and back. I've been told, "It will change your life." I don't want to change my life, but I want to preserve the quality of life I have. I've been told, "You'll wish you'd done it years ago." Maybe, but I hope to not look back like that. I just want to do it, be happy with it, and keep living a great life. More

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