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Arm Lift Procedure

Loose, excess skin is very common in patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and in older patients who have lost elasticity in their skin.

Arm Lift in Reno, Nevada

The loose skin in the upper arms is often referred to as “bat wings,” since it can look like flabby wings. Removing this excess skin is known as brachioplasty or upper arm lift surgery. Charles P. Virden, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs arm lifts at his office in Reno, Nevada for patients from Northern Nevada and California to tighten the loose skin in the upper arm and eliminate unwanted bat wings. Not everybody with loose skin is a candidate for brachioplasty in Reno. Some patients benefit solely from liposuction. During your consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Virden will tell you about your options and create a treatment plan based on your cosmetic needs and goals.

Ideal Arm Lift Candidates

While weight loss can cause sagging skins to appear on the arms, some of the loose skin can also be caused from genetics. This makes it very difficult to tone the upper arm to an individual’s desire. When diet and exercise fail to tone the upper arm, a trusted plastic surgeon can create outstanding results. Ideal candidates for an arm lift exhibit:

  • Loose upper arm skin that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Loose upper arm skin that appears after losing more than 100 pounds
  • Sagging skin that creates anxiety when wearing sleeveless shirts

What to expect during your arm lift

After being put under general anesthesia, the incision for brachioplasty is made from the elbow to the upper arm. Loose skin will be trimmed away and the underlying tissue will be pulled tight. This surgery takes about 2 hours and there is usually no need for an overnight stay unless it is paired with other procedures. Patients should be prepared for temporary swelling and bruising after the surgery. To promote healthy healing and blood circulation, the arms should be kept elevated. Patients can usually return to normal activities in about 3 – 4 weeks.

anticipated results

For best results, an arm lift may require liposuction of the fat deposits within the upper arm to make the final look slim and trim. The skin tightening may not be enough to have taut arms. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the best course of action given your skin health and condition. Keep in mind that most of the stretch marks will also be taken with the skin, however, if weight is regained, it could damage the treated area. An arm lift gives patients the opportunity to have more defined arms for years to come.

Get Tighter Arms Today

Brachioplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments following a weight loss for both men and women. For all of your hard work, you deserve upper body definition. Achieve slender, leaner arms that you can be proud to show off in sleeveless shirts or summertime attire. Call today for a consultation at our office.