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Butt Augmentation Procedure

Butt Augmentation In Reno, NV

For anyone in Northwest Nevada and Northeast California who is tired of doing squats and lunges without enough improvement to the shape of their butt, Charles P. Virden, MD offers butt augmentation surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Virden uses 2 different techniques for butt augmentation: butt implants and Brazilian butt lift. For patients with excess fat in other areas of the body, the Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction to remove fat from the patients and then re-inject the purified fat into the buttock (cheek) area. The Brazilian butt lift does not lift the position of the butt or remove excess skin, but it does give a fuller, natural-looking buttocks. For patients who don’t have enough excess fat for a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Virden also offers silicone butt implants. Dr. Virden will help patients select the correct shape and size of the implant to meet the patient’s goals. If you want a rounder, firmer butt, schedule a consultation with Dr. Virden to learn more about your options.


Butt augmentation surgery is often requested by men and women all across the nation. Ideal candidates:

  • Desire a curvier, fuller bottom
  • Have lost significant weight and want to restore volume to their butt
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Have enough excess fat for a Brazilian butt lift or want silicone butt implants


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Butt augmentation surgery, as long as it is not paired with multiple other surgeries, is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting and will not require an overnight stay. A Brazilian butt lift will begin with liposuction to remove excess fat from the body. The removed fat is purified and prepared before it is carefully injected into the buttocks. The doctor typically adds slightly more fat than is needed to meet the patient’s goals to account for minor fat absorption. For implants, the doctor will make a small incision to allow the insertion of the implants. After the implants have been placed and sutured, the patient will be educated on how to care for their incisions and new implants. There may also be a placement of drains to allow blood and fluids of the skin to empty properly during the first week after surgery. Patients can expect swelling and bruising for several days, but most recover enough to resume normal activities in 2 – 3 weeks. Since butt implants are placed on the upper part of the buttocks, putting weight down on the incision area must be avoided, so patients should sit with their weight on the thighs and sleep on their bellies or sides.


With the skill and artistic vision of a plastic surgeon, the results of a butt augmentation surgery can transform the contour of the body and the patient’s confidence. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime will still be very important to keep the body at a steady weight and not damage the surgical area. However, natural aging will continue and a revision surgery may be needed in the years ahead along with a butt lift to remove loose skin.


Procedure Recovery Location:  Outpatient


Butt augmentation surgery is an exceptional procedure for individuals seeking a shapelier buttock, and who wish for an effective way to achieve a beautiful backside. Following surgery, the butt appears larger, curvier, and lifted. Contact our office to learn more about this popular body enhancement.